Loneliness and being alone

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I love being alone. I have an overabundance of friends, a supportive family and a boyfriend but the value I hold in alone time is more than indescribable. 

Now there's a difference between being alone and being lonely. People often associate the latter with having no friends and purposefully isolating yourself. Personally I think we live in an age where we are beginning to become increasingly lonely. Think about it, we use social media to connect but how do we honestly do that? We use our phone/laptop - on our own. We all live highly hectic lives and barely look up from our phones because we always seem to be 'connecting' with others. 

Do you ever get that slightly sad/lonely feeling when you scroll through your news feeds? We see images of our friends and family having fun, and in turn it makes us look at our life and what we're doing in that current moment and ultimately we feel like we're missing out. Something we need to do in our digitally-saturated era is to embrace the time we do spend alone but also the time we spend alone with another person, physically. Detoxing ourselves once in a while of all digital devices and social media helps us become in tune with ourselves, clears our minds and ultimately allows us to embrace the things we do hold valuable to us. This is often why I take breaks from blogging and social media because eventually it all becomes too much (I just need to stick to something called scheduling, which I'm awful at).

Engage in real conversation and let that person or people know how you're really feeling because 'messaging' them can come across in the completely wrong way. Deep down we value human interaction, it's personal, tailored to them and isn't easy. It isn't easy because it takes guts to tell a person how we really feel. If we write how we feel we are sending a highly edited and emotionless version of our feelings which gets misinterpreted. 

I just wanted to share this with everyone because it's something I strongly believe in. When was the last time you physically went up to a friend and asked how they're feeling?


  1. Oh I totally agree with you! We all need our alone time, but being lonely is way different. I totally notice the amount of time I'm using technology is directly related to how lonely I feel. Sometimes that's nice, but most times I'd rather be enjoying my life with my family and friends, rather than watch other people enjoy theirs. It's all about balance, but I definitely think unplugging every once in a while is great for the soul!

    Sending a little love from twitter!
    @jssbckly // http://writinginredlipstick.com

    1. Unplugging is definitely a thing we all need to do once in a while, and as you said maintaining that balance is very important!

  2. I think that being able to spend time alone is very important. While I enjoy being with friends and my partner, I also value spending time on my own, to take a walk, read, etc.


    1. It's good to have time on yourself just to reflect on things and think with a clear mind