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tiamariadiaries, an introduction, new blog, ootd

I was 17 when I began blogging, naive to the demand and time needed to build a reputable platform. I was a girl with raw imagination and dreams, but no sense of direction. The unprovoked stress to 'appeal' to an audience led me to take a plethora of hiatuses which left me starting back at zero time and time again. Three to four years down the line I have broken this vicious cycle and started anew, for real this time. It's very easy to get sucked into what people want  to read as opposed to what you actually want to write about.

In all honesty there aren't set topics with this blog except that they follow the themes of my life, my interests and what inspires/troubles me, and I hope even the smallest thing I post on here will inspire you too.

tiamariadiaries, an introduction, new blog, ootd
Jacket + skinnes: Topshop | T-shirt + Checkered shirt: Charity shop | Bag: Primark | Watch: DKNY | Rings: Gifts from my Grandmother | Boots: New Look

So what's with the blog name? I'm awful when it comes to naming things, but I thought this one described me quite well. It's a mash up of mine and my Grandmothers name and of course a well known brand of alcohol, not to mention this blog is a diary of my thoughts. So there you have it. And no, I'm not an alcoholic *insert shady emoji here*.

Being a fashion student means that I will post the odd outfit, haul or whatever fashion related-things I find interesting. I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger, though. There's way more to life than fashion, though anything and everything does embody the industry I dream to work in which is what makes it a truly special thing to me. However I also aim to advise on personal experiences that I hope will help you. And even if you disagree with them, tell me, interact. Let's talk.

tiamariadiaries, an introduction, new blog, ootd

This outfit was shot by my lovely friend Karin (who also has a blog, check it out) and is the sort of thing I often wear to my classes. I don't have a particular style per-say, though I do love my darker shades with little hints of colour, but there are also the days you can catch me in a pastel summer dress.

Here's a little something you should know too; after working for what might have been the most brutal retail giant to exist, I have made a vow to myself to stop buying from shops that give nothing back to the environment or treat their workers unfairly. This has encouraged me to do research on brands that actually make an effort to enforce sustainable practice, and shop from independent stores and seek out thrift markets, kilo sales and go in the odd charity shop. Brand me a 'Hipster' if you wish, I just don't see the point in wearing clothes that aren't made with love and care. Of course I've kept everything that I do currently own from shops like Primark, I wouldn't want to throw away someone's long hours into the backstreets of Salford. My aim is to build a collection invoked from my new mantra, and slowly donate my clothes bought from super fast fashion retailers, but one thing I'd also like to do with this blog is develop my style with my new-found philosophy on clothes and document this journey.

I wonder if you guys have a mantra you live by, how have you stuck with it and how has it impacted on your life? Do keep up with me by following this blog or my social media for all things Tia Maria and diary-related, and I hope to give you guys something pleasant and interesting to digest.

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